Who’s hiring Studio and a Half ?

Here’s a partial list of our clients and samples of our most recent work:

Double T Lofts Designs

Double T Lofts

On September 23 we unveiled the newest iteration of Double T's site, which features custom illustrations and enhanced usability for its pigeon-racing audience. Jeff has been a consultant and designer for Double T Lofts since 2007.

TrimTab Solutions Designs

TrimTab Solutions

We began our relationship with TrimTab Solutions in 2009 with a site-redesign. Now the business consultancy has hired us to expand and enhance its site to accommodate its growing executive audience. We recently launched the new trimtabsolutions.com.

HOT-Honor Our Troops Designs

H.O.T. - Honor Our Troops

This nonprofit came to us in need of a secure, efficient way to receive donations and recipients' names for its military care packages. In addition to providing an e-commerce solution, we created custom illustrations and a memorable interface that is helping H.O.T.'s transition from local to national awareness.

The Hearst Corporation

We provide monthly site maintenance and consulting for the national media corporation Hearst. Jeff first worked with Hearst in 2009, building a Content Management System for its primary site hearst.com.

SouthTex Treaters

SouthTex's online database system is maintained and augmented by Studio and a Half.

Buffalo Trail Council (Boy Scouts of America)

Studio and a Half provides monthly consulting and maintenance for the Buffalo Trail Council's website.

How can Studio and a Half help you?

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